Book Review Party Wednesday (giveaway!) - Starts NOW!


Welcome to Book Review Party Wednesday.

It is real simple. Link up any (old or new, any genre) book review that you have written to the below MckLinky.

A couple of things to remember while you're linking.

1. Add a permalink to your specific post, not the main page of your blog (only one review per blog).
2. Add my Book Review Wednesday Badge or a link-back to the party at the end of your review post.
3. List the name of your blog, Title of Book or Genre. Be sure to use spaces and limit characters to 25. For example: The Lost Symbol, thriller
4. Become a follower of my blog, pretty please.
5. Visit the other linked up reviews and leave comments....it's a party, have fun!
6. I will announce the winner Friday. The winner is chosen from the linked up reviewers using Random Number Generator. All included.

I am so excited to be reading all the reviews! This is always so much fun and gives me the opportunity to add new books to my list (& now check out book covers).



  1. Thanks for hosting! I had two book reviews this week and couldn't decide which to link up; I decided to go with the fiction title rather than the non-fiction.

  2. I'm back with China Mieville's Kraken. If you like urban fantasy & speculative fiction, you'll love it.

    and thanks, Cym!

  3. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh...The link thing kept giving me an error, and I thought it wasn't working. I submitted my review THREE TIMES. I am soooooo sorry. I promise I wasn't trying to cheat, but I'm afraid if I try to take it away it will be like the episode of BTVS where Anya and Giles kept making bunnies...

    Forgive me Cym, and fellow reviewers.

  4. It's party time again?!!? This week flew by, I tell you!

    Thanks again for hosting, Cym!

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

  5. Thanks for hosting Cym. This always helps me catch up on my reviews.

  6. I am a newbie, this is my first party. My blog is called Tiffany's Bookshelf, and I submitted my review of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, by Seth Graham-Smith. Been blogging for 6 months, reviewing all genres, and loving every minute of it!

  7. My review is on Gabriel, a book I got from Beach Brights (see name at top left corner?). Am trying to figure out her connection with Cym Lowell.

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  9. Sorry, I went back to change the link name and it double posted.

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