Author Spotlight: Daniel McNeet


Operation Downfall Synopsis:

A courageous and cathartic narrative, Operation Downfall, mirrors the political landscape that has become both acceptable and repulsive to a country that prides itself on freedom and democracy. Novelist Daniel McNeet has written a taunting-political thriller which serves as a literary fable for a country in search of its self-identity and moral sense.

Stunning, vibrant and veracious attorney, Mariah O’Leary, is going to do what most people only dream about — expose the amoral corrupticians and their political machinery deep within the White House. She uncovers their unprincipled scheme to create a series of events which will justify the launching of an illegal war. A complex web of relationships between the president, vice president and their investors place the American people in heightened jeopardy. Mariah’s investigation uncovers a “War Plan” which poisons thousands of American citizens and blames a Middle East country for the terrorist attack. 

Daniel McNeet Biography:

Daniel McNeet is the author of Operation Downfall, a political thriller. He retired from a successful career, uses his experiences to expose what he considers to be the important things in life — a lack of moral sense, corruption in politics, injustice and the intolerance in our society. He is trying to the best of his ability to make a contribution to the betterment of our society. He definitely does not stand by waiting for someone else to make a difference.

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