The Choice by Nicholas Sparks (Audio Version) #Review

The Choice 
by Nicholas Sparks 
(read by Holter Graham) 
(Hachette Audio 2007) 

How would you react to having to make a life decision for your sweetheart?  What if the decision in your heart violated a promise that your love had extracted from you?  Would you follow your heart or a promise made long before the actual events framing the choice occurred?

Of course, none of us can know the answer to these questions until we are in such an uncomfortable place.   Were I the sweetheart who had extracted the promise from my mate, I think I would have trusted her to make whatever decision she thought best, not be riveted by some probably idle promise and the views of the medical establishment about what should be done.

In any event, The Choice is a lovely story told by a gifted storyteller, Nicholas Sparks.  As the story evolves, we are invested in the evolving love of Gabby and Travis on the shores of North and South Carolina.  Their beloved dogs initially bring them together.

We listened to an abridged version while driving from the beach back to Texas.  The tape was about 5 hours in duration, professionally edited and read.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and consumed our attention for most of an 11 hour drive.  We have become serious fans of audio books.

This sweet story of love and devotion warmed our hearts, just as it would had we read it sitting on the beach with a bottle of wine.

I am delighted to recommend both the story and the audio version.

Warms, Cym


  1. I have a soft spot for Nicholas Sparks -- books & movies -- and this one sounds great -- I'll have to add it to my to-read list!

  2. Sounds like a delightful story - thanks for sharing!

    Create With Joy