Blood Money by Brian Springer **Book Review**

Blood Money 
by Brian Springer 
(2011 Ann Eagan Publishers)

Every now and then, I pick up a book that is truly a delightful read. Blood Money is one of those, for sure. Brian Springer has a wonderful, engaging way of telling a clever story.

Blood Money is the story of a hired killer engaged to help a woman apparently being stifled from releasing a drug that would have life-saving impact across the world. He uses the name Greg Skelton. He believes that his employer works for the public good.

Jessica is a researcher. She has been kidnapped as the drug is ready for release. Skelton rescues her from a desert hideaway. She goes with him.

They play cat and mouse with relentless security people who seem to have a secret means of following them. As Skelton and Jessica are on the run, it turns out that she was bugged with a transmitter embedded in her arm. He removes it with blunt scissors and a sewing kit.

She is open to being seduced. Skelton stands down at each turn. “What’s wrong with you?” she asks unable to understand his stopping in mid-stream.

There are many mysteries in this easily read, enjoyable story. What is wrong with Skelton? Does he have some deep secret? Who is the bad guy? Who wears the white hat?Will they fall in love? What’s around the next corner?

In the end, like all fine stories, Mr. Springer springs surprises upon us. I closed the back cover wondering about the next step in the lives of these people.

Blood Money is a joy to read. Unpretentious, good reading.

Warms, Cym

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