The REVIEWS are spectacular for thriller Jaspar's War. Help support #ONC #veterans

"With a host of characters caught up in thrilling circumstances, the storyline comes alive at breakneck speed as readers are taken on a wild and unexpected journey from the quiet back country of Greenwich, the picturesque countryside of Tuscany, the magnificence of the Eternal City of Rome and to the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. With alarms sounding off around the world, hero and villain alike twist and turn in and around each other, encountering threats suspiciously similar to current world events." 
-My Springfield Mommy (enter giveaway too!)

"Someone is manipulating the world's financial markets, taking advantage of the President's economic stimulus plans for their personal gain.  One more push and they'll reach their goal and plummet the world into financial chaos." -Frank Michaels Errington's Horrible Book Reviews

"Jaspar’s War is a thriller that incorporates strong and memorable characters throughout the page turning action.The book is well written with an easy to follow storyline that keeps you engaged until the last page. Clearly, all of these characters are setup for future spinoff novels. The deep backstories of each character and the colorful descriptions of the locales make this a book worth reading.If you like Robert Ludlum, David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, and similar authors, then Cym Lowell will be a great addition to your reading list. I look forward to reading the sequel!" -William B Bright

"...Jasper's War is an interesting thriller. Very surprising and bloody at times." -Ann Bresnan

"Yes, JASPAR’S WAR is a great book. It is also a thriller with raw emotion, hold-your-breathe action, and a strong female protagonist. Once you start, you will not be able to put it down. However, this is more than just about another book getting published. It’s also about giving back, inspiring others, and providing a bridge to healing for those wounded warriors who have put their lives on the line for the freedoms we all enjoy."-Susan Wingate

"Jaspar's War wondrously chronicles one brave and desperate woman's attempts to escape a Kafka-esque nightmare. Cym Lowell's brilliant debut strains the boundaries of the thriller genre, even as it seeks to redefine them in this emotionally wrenching tale that reinvents and modernizes the classic Ludlum formula. Written with flare and emotion, as visually polished as it is viscerally powerful,Jaspar's War manages a smooth and savory mix of Vince Flynn and Harlan Coben. Magnificent and not to be missed."-Jon Land, bestselling author of Strong Rain Falling

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  1. Cym Lowell is a true patriot and a loyal member of our VFW Post. Who better to write a novel like Jaspar's War?